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You know the drill
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Complete range of HR processes and corporate culture development.

Our team becomes fully engaged in building HR processes, creating a positive corporate culture, and providing ongoing support to enhance employee engagement and retention.

Focus on your core business while we take care of the HR.
Offload your entire recruitment process to us.

We can handle all aspects of the hiring process on your behalf on a monthly fee.

From sourcing and screening candidates to conducting technical interviews, we ensure a seamless and efficient recruitment experience.
Monthly access to our expert recruitment service.

Provide detailed candidate profiles for up to 10 positions within your organization.

Sit back and relax as we employ targeted search strategies to identify and recruit top talent. Experience the convenience and cost-effectiveness for your recruitment needs.
Discover your ideal candidates.

Provide us with detailed candidate profiles, and we’ll employ targeted search strategies to identify and recruit top talent.

This service is highly effective when it comes to recruiting highly skilled professionals, including C-level managers and executives.
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Recruitment as a Service
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Target Hiring
HR as a service
Recruitment as a Service
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How do we work
(2 days)
Learning your needs, select a product
Sign a contract
(3 days)
  • Get a corporate culture, company structure, management style etc
  • Fulfilling Questionnaire
  • Vacancy descriptions
Interviewing to know you better
(14 days)
Full-cycle recruiting
  • Sourcing
  • Pre-screening, interviewing
  • Intermediate reports and support
  • Offer negotiations
  • Presenting successful candidates
(2 days)
(3 days)
  • Approving a candidate
  • Signing NDA with a candidate
Replacement stage in case the candidate does not pass the probation period
Onboarding, feedback
(20 days)
  • Share feedback
  • Final payments according to a contract
Stephen Thomas
CEO (UAE / Cyprus)
Andreas Costa
Representative (Cyprus)
Partner (UK)
Maxim Povelecki
Representative (Cyprus)
October 20, 2023
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August 14, 2023
Tips on How to Build a Prosperous Talent Pool
In today’s increasingly interconnected world, finding the perfect candidate for your company can be a daunting task. Advantis, an international recruitment agency, offers comprehensive solutions and services to help you streamline your recruitment process. With our expertise in the industry and a vast network of specialists, we are well-equipped to cater to your global recruitment needs. Read on to discover how Advantis can be the ideal partner for your company’s recruitment requirements.
Transform Your Recruitment Process with Advantis, Your Global Recruitment Agency
As your business expands its global footprint, it becomes crucial to have a recruitment strategy that extends beyond national boundaries. Advantis understands the significance of global recruitment, which is why we leverage our extensive network to connect you with top-notch candidates from different corners of the world. Our website acts as a central hub where you can access our global talent pool and explore potential hires from diverse backgrounds.
Unleash the Power of a Global Recruitment Strategy
At Advantis, we pride ourselves on our ability to serve as a conduit between companies and industry specialists. Whether you are looking for experienced professionals in IT or any other sector, our team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge and understanding of various industries. This allows us to match your company with candidates who possess the necessary skills and expertise to thrive in your specific field.
Finding the Perfect Fit with Industry Specialists
  1. Extensive Global Reach: Our worldwide presence ensures that you have access to a vast candidate pool, spanning multiple countries and backgrounds.
  2. Seamless Website Experience: Our user-friendly website provides easy navigation and the ability to filter candidates based on your specific criteria, saving you valuable time and effort.
  3. Tailored Recruitment Solutions: We believe in customizing our services to meet the unique requirements of each client. We take the time to understand your company's culture and specific needs, ensuring that we find the perfect fit for every position.
  4. Holistic Approach to Recruitment: Advantis offers end-to-end recruitment solutions, from screening and shortlisting candidates to conducting interviews and background checks. Our thorough and meticulous process guarantees you receive the best-suited candidates for your organization.
  5. Dedicated Customer Support: Our team of recruitment specialists is committed to providing exceptional customer support throughout the recruitment process. We are readily available to address any queries or concerns you may have, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.
Advantis is your go-to global recruitment agency, delivering international solutions and services in various industries, including IT. By leveraging our website and employing our industry specialists, you can access a diverse pool of talented candidates and make the right hire for your company's success. Partner with Advantis today and embark on a seamless and efficient recruitment journey.
The Advantages of Choosing Advantis as Your Recruitment Agency