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November 29, 2023
The Challenge
Picture this: our client just scored a financial license in the bustling financial hub of Malaysia. Exciting times, right? But here’s the twist — they needed to build a dream team from scratch. First up, they had to snag a local director and an MLRO (Money Laundering Reporting Officer). Once the license was secured, the to-do list grew longer: lawyers, sales wizards, risk managers, client relationship managers, and the list goes on. It’s like assembling the Avengers, but in the finance world.

To add a plot twist, our client didn’t need everyone at once. They needed to build a squad strategically, filling roles as they expanded their operations.
Our Ingenious Solution
Enter our superhero subscription service! Our client opted for our subscription model where they paid upfront for multiple positions but could hire candidates over several months or even a year. It was like buying a season pass for the hottest show in town. This subscription not only saved them a ton of money but also streamlined their hiring process. They got to cherry-pick their team members, ensuring each one was a perfect fit for their expanding business.
The Triumph
With our subscription service in play, our client seamlessly built their dream team. The director and MLRO were the first heroes to join the squad, ensuring the foundation was rock solid. As the license came through, they slowly brought in lawyers, sales experts, risk managers, and client relationship managers — each one handpicked for their specific skills. This strategic hiring approach ensured that every team member was not just a hire but a strategic asset.

Thanks to our subscription service, our client didn’t just hire employees; they crafted a powerhouse team ready to conquer the financial landscape of Malaysia. It was a win-win — our client got their dream team, and we got to be part of their success story. Here’s to strategic hiring and building success, one subscription at a time!
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