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Provide detailed candidate profiles for up to 10 positions within your organization. Sit back and relax as we employ targeted search strategies to identify and recruit top talents.
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Save on individual recruitment fees
Get personalized support throughout the subscription period
Leverage our recruitment expertise and industry knowledge
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these subscriptions include following success fees:
of yearly gross
of yearly gross
of yearly gross
We commit to
Efficiently filling chosen amount of positions within your organization within the subscription period, ensuring a prompt and timely hiring process.
Timely Position Filling
We conduct thorough candidate evaluations, including assessments of qualifications, skills, and cultural fit, to ensure that the best-suited individuals are selected for each position.
Candidate Evaluation
We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements, organizational culture, and desired skill set for each position. We value open communication and collaboration throughout the recruitment process.
Collaborative Approach
We provide regular updates on the status of the recruitment process, ensuring transparency and keeping you informed.
Regular Progress Updates
We offer ongoing support and guidance to you throughout the subscription period, addressing any concerns or questions they may have and providing insights on market trends and best practices.
Continuous Support
We ensure your satisfaction by delivering high-quality recruitment services and striving to exceed your expectations.
Customer Satisfaction
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What is the difference between subscription and target hiring?
By purchasing subscription plan you buy several positions (5 or 10) and pay much smallerpercentage of candidates annual gross salary then recruiting each candidate on target hiring.
Why should I use a subscription?
You can buy certain positions now and be sure that within 6 or 9 months you will be able tohire people. For example, If you need to hire 2 people at the moment and 3 more within thenext 3 months, a subscription plan will make it much cheaper than recruiting themseparately.
Can I be refunded for the positions I didn’t use?
No, you can not.
Can I change the positions in the subscription?
Yes, you absolutely can. You buy our services, not the exact positions. We can hire underone subscription even 10 CTO, the difference will be in the percentage you pay for theposition
Will I get a dedicated recruiter?
No. In order to get a dedicated recruiter you must choose the Recruitment as a Service
What do our company need for getting Subscription plan?
In order to get a Subscription plan your company should have built HR processes, onboarding processes, have your own internal legal and compliance. If you need any of theabove you may choose Recruitment or HR as a Service plans.
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