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Recruitment as a Service
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November 29, 2023
The Challenge
Imagine a traditional banking institution, let’s call it No Tech Bank, looking to revolutionize its services by developing cutting-edge digital banking system. The catch? They had to establish an entire development department from scratch. No small feat, right? The problem was crystal clear — they lacked the experience and know-how to find and assess top-notch IT professionals to turn their vision into reality.
Our Ingenious Solution
Enter Recruitment As A Service (RaaS), our game-changing solution. No Code Bank teamed up with us, and we swung into action. We scoured the IT landscape far and wide, seeking out the best and brightest. In just six months, we handpicked a stellar team of 30 IT professionals, each one a specialist in their domain. Among them were 3 DevOps experts, 8 backend developers, 4 frontend developers, 1 DevSecops, 1 technical architect, system and business analysts, and a UX designer.
The Triumph
In the blink of an eye (well, one year to be exact), No Tech Bank transformed their vision into a concrete reality. The digital banking system was not just an idea anymore — they were robust, functional, and ready to revolutionize the banking experience. Thanks to our Recruitment As A Service, No Code Bank didn’t just hire a team; they built an IT dream team that took their services to the next level.

Our partnership not only solved their hiring dilemma but also empowered them to compete with the tech-savvy players in the financial industry. No Tech Bank’s success story became a testament to the power of strategic recruitment and the impact of building the right team, right on time. Here’s to innovation, collaboration, and making banking better, one hire at a time!
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